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Electrical Inspector

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Nate Kowalczyk

(413) 441-6258
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All wiring work performed in the Town of Montgomery must be done by a licensed electrician and under an electrical permit issued by the Building Department. This includes both high and low-voltage wiring on power supplies, security systems, data systems, communications systems, and alarm systems. This work is regulated by CMR 527 12, the Massachusetts Electrical Code.

Electrical permits are issued in the Building Department office. Application forms are available online and in the office. Applications may be submitted between 8:00am and 4:00pm, Monday through Thursday, and Friday until 11:00am.

It is essential that all permit applications be submitted with a current insurance certificate identifying the Town of Montgomery as the certificate holder.

Electrical Application
Fee schedule for wiring permits

The wiring inspector is a part-time employee and does not have regular office hours. Telephone messages may be left at (413) 862-3386.

Wiring inspection requests must be made to the Building Department. Inspections may be requested in person or by telephone. The inspectors will attempt to make inspections as soon as possible. All inspections will be made within 72 hours of the work being ready for inspection and the inspection requested.

There will be a charge for every re-inspection necessitated by installation not in conformance with the requirements of the Massachusetts Codes of Inspections in excess of those included in the base fee. Inspection requests require a permit to have been issued. Permit approval requires proof of Workers’ Compensation Insurance, valid Massachusetts Electrical License, and a completed Workers Compensation Insurance Affidavit.

Re-inspection fee shall be paid before the re-inspection is made.